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Upside Down Bownet as a Rebounder

We've all been by ourselves and had no one to kick the ball around with, haven't you?


Solution: Kick the ball against the wall.  Passes, volleys, crosses, etc.  The ball hits the wall and then you go around chasing it.  None of that really works because when you hit the wall the ball comes back much faster than the speed you kicked it at.


Recently, we discovered something really neat about our Bownet goals.  If you flip a Bownet upside down and kick a ball into the backside of the net, it bounces right back at you.  The net and poles absorb the ball perfectly and launches it back at the exact same speed it went in.  This makes an upside down bownet your perfect passing partner when you're alone!


Flip your  and give it a shot!

Bownet Sports Media Team
Bownet Sports Media Team