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An American Youth Soccer Club & FC Barcelona Penya

by Sebastian Naum

FC Barcelona is probably the most widely known, sought after and most prestigious soccer club in the world.  If it’s not the top club then it’s tied for first (feel free to argue with your friend about the other J).  One of the remarkable things about FCB is its extensive reach world wide.  Today we will talk about the infamous “Penyas” and  in our next article we’ll discuss the FCB “Escolas.”  In order to give you the most accurate information possible we interviewed Paul Walker, the President of Total Futbol Academy, a prestigious youth soccer club as well as an official FC Barcelona Penya based in Los Angeles, CA.

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The Best Recovery For Soccer Injuries And Pain

by Bownet Sports Media Team

No soccer player plays with the intent on getting injured, unfortunately, many times it's hard to play with passion without experiencing the pain as well. Pain from losing, pain from a bad call and pain in your body are all common among athletes. While some pains can't be remedied, pain in your body can and should be remedied as soon as possible.

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