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I bought my first and only Bownet Big Mouth in 2013. I have used it outdoors for 10 months of each ver for 10 years. I have wasted money on many other products but this net outlasted them all. If you buy this one you'll never need another one!

Daniel McCarty
Valued Customer

Bownet remains the gold-standard of equipment for athletes of any age, whether little league or professional sports teams and organizations.


The bownet is approximately 12 years old. It has been used by all my travel teams, not just individual use. I have replaced the bag once and that is it.

Valued Customer

With Bownet any athlete can train like a pro.

After nearly 14 years of conceptualizing new and innovative sports equipment, Bownet continues to set the standard for portable, durable gear on the go.


I Just want to thank you the Engineering and design team for a fantastic product. Being from the engineering design field myself for over 20 years. The Bownet has stood up to years of abuse!

Kevin Caswell
Valued Customer

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Los Angeles, CA

For those looking for a product that lasts, Bownet truly checks every box.


Just wanted to share that we bought a bownet bag three years ago, after going through multiple bags for our son. We play baseball year round in florida so we needed durable. Needless to say the bag has held up so well 3 years later. Just great quality and product.

Cassie Robertson
Valued Customer


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