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    Practice is all about becoming the best player you can be - but safety still comes first. Getting struck by a line drive or fastball during a game is bad enough without having to worry about it while you're training, too. That's why Bownet Sports® has developed screens and nets that protect anyone standing behind them. The Bownet 7 x 7 Big Mouth® is the net we're most known for, but we're about more than just nets - it's about a training system for baseball and softball players who want to train like a pro. These high-quality training protection nets will keep you on the field so you can get to work.

    Find the right netting system now from our selection or call our experts with any questions. Our pitching screens are a must for anyone throwing batting practice or lobbing front toss from close range. The Bodyguard™ and Flat Top portable softball nets provide a needed shield for slow-pitch and fast-pitch drills so the pitcher doesn't have to worry about errant shots. Protective screens for baseball include our standard Pitching Screen along with the collapsible I Screen, the L-Screen series and the Pitch Thru Screen that are shaped for overhand throwing. Use our Soft Toss X and Elite® Protection nets to divide stations during practice so no one gets hit by a stray liner, throw or swing.

    By trusting Bownet Sports® for your netting systems, players and coaches will have the protection they need while maintaining an unobstructed view during practice. You can even use the larger nets to shield benches and fans on temporary fields. All nets have durable powder-coated steel frames, rugged netting and our EAS™ system to absorb energy, improve stability and add flexibility. They set up in a matter of minutes in any practice area and come with a weather-resistant carrying bag for storage and transport. Get the right net today so you'll be safer no matter how hard you're training.