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    Bownet Soccer Training Gear

    The Beautiful Game is one that all ages can enjoy - but to reach the top levels, you need the proper training supplies. Bownet Sports® designs the best soccer training equipment so you can #PlayAnywherePlayNow. Our portable soccer gear can be set up indoors or outdoors in just a few minutes. The high-quality construction, stable design and durability mean hours upon hours of playtime. Whether you're practicing by yourself in the backyard or working on team drills at the local gym, you can Train Like a Pro with Bownet®.

    Soccer Nets & More

    We make more than a dozen different soccer goalie nets for games, scrimmages or practice sessions. Our 8' x 24' Soccer Training Goal is the official FIFA goal size for U13 and up. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the 3' x 5' Portable Soccer Goal is ideal for young players and solo drills. There are many sizes in-between, including official five-a-side soccer goals and the 6' Pop-Up Goal set. Each of them is built using EAS™ technology that absorbs ball energy to reduce net tension.

    Make sure you also have high-quality soccer training balls. The Bownet Lite Ball™ series is available in three sizes that are far lighter than the average ball. Using them helps young players work on control and touch while having fun doing so. We've designed many other items that teams commonly need, including field cones, sandbags and ball travel tubes. These items make it easy to set up a game anywhere so players can spend more time playing.

    Train Your Way

    Bownet is about more than just nets and soccer balls. Our versatile equipment lets you create a complete training system that fits the needs of players, coaches and parents. Click on a product or visit the Bownet News blog to learn more about how we're helping to grow the game of soccer at all levels.