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    The ball is truly the most essential piece of equipment you need for a soccer game. Players who really love the game can handle any playing surface, goal size, time schedule or weather as long as they have a ball to kick around. But by training with a high-quality soccer ball from Bownet Sports®, you'll do more than just make due. We've developed soccer and futsal training balls that will help an entire team develop into elite athletes.

    All ages can get a jump on skills and confidence with the Bownet Lite Soccer Ball series. While our Lite Ball™ technology is aimed at youth players, adults who want to work on the fundamentals will love them, too. These soccer balls are lighter than the average ball thanks to materials such as a soft bladder, EVA foam and a tough TPU cover. This increases flight while helping players improve their control and touch. We have Bownet Lite Balls in junior size 3, youth size 4 and adult size 5.

    If you prefer the frenetic pace of five-on-five indoor play, the Bownet Futsal Ball will match your passion kick for kick. The main differences between a futsal ball vs. a soccer ball are that the futsal ball is smaller and has less bounce. This helps players control it better on the smaller indoor court. Our size 4 futsal balls use high-performance technical materials such as a butyl bladder and reinforced fabric that maintain their shape and give the ball a more reliable bounce.

    The key to any good game or drill is the ball, and by shopping at Bownet, you'll have one you can count on for years of play. If you want to outfit your entire team or just have extras on hand, ask our sports equipment experts about futsal and soccer ball packs at a discounted price. Express your joy for the game with the right ball that is always ready for a good kick.