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    Bownet Blast Print: Custom Ball Printing

    To train for actual game situations, you need the right softballs in your equipment bag. Bownet Sports® manufactures an assortment of high-quality softballs for practice and play. Each one is built to the specifications of major softball associations so they can be tossed into an actual game. And after you're done working on strength and coordination skills with Bownet® training balls, you can try them out with regulation softballs before the first pitch.

    Every player from youth softball to professional leagues can #trainlikeapro and play like one too with a long-lasting Bownet softball. They are sold by the dozen so you'll have plenty for games, batting practice and soft toss drills.

    Game-Ready Softballs

    We have more than a dozen types of 11-inch and 12-inch softballs for sale so you can find the right one for the league you play in. Our slow-pitch USSSA softballs are officially approved by the United States Specialty Sports Association for sanctioned teams. Low-compression slowpitch softballs are ideal for youth leagues while mid-compression softballs are used for everything from local co-ed tournaments to international play.

    If you're already a pro or are serious about training like one, we have NHFS fast-pitch softballs for high school teams, NCS premium softballs for college and semi-pro play, certified Alliance fastpitch softballs for travel teams and USSSA-stamped fastpitch balls for USA Elite or National Championship play. These high-compression softballs are tightly wound with a polyurethane core so they jump off the bat.

    Training Soft Balls

    Do you need softballs that are specifically designated for practice? Bownet has them. Our Flat Seam Batting Practice Softballs are reinforced with Kevlar stitching to easily handle hundreds of hard smacks, saving programs money since they don't need to constantly buy new balls. Blem Softballs, or blemished softballs, are another cost-effective practice solution.

    Practice softballs can assist players with skill development, too. A Batting Cage Softball is an ultra-durable, seamless ball designed to be used in pitching machines. With high-visibility coloring and no seams to catch in the machine, hitters can see more pitches and focus on tracking the ball. Softball Spinner Trainers are oversized fastpitch softballs that teach hurlers how to give their pitches the correct spin and movement. Check out the full collection of training softballs for even more ways to build up your team's skills.

    Elite Softballs for Elite Athletes

    All Bownet, softballs are available with a genuine optic leather or synthetic leather cover depending on league requirements. The raised seams come in blue or red with a choice of black, red and blue stamps. Select a softball to learn more about the core rating, compression and other details you'll need to know.

    Teams or tournaments can even get unique softballs with the Bownet Blast Print™ Custom Logo Softball program. Just send us your artwork or logo and we'll put it on an official league ball. Note we require a minimum order of six dozen softballs for customization. Contact the experts at Bownet Sports if you have questions about which softballs are approved for your team or want to learn more about our other training systems.