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    You don't need 22 players and a giant outdoor pitch to enjoy kicking a ball around. Futsal was first created in 1930, and this version of five-a-side indoor football has become hugely popular around the world in its own right. While it has its roots in The Beautiful Game, futsal has developed its own unique rules for court size, gameplay and equipment. By using Bownet® training equipment, you can set up a futsal game or practice session anywhere - even outdoors. Our high-quality futsal gear will help you work on the technique and creativity you need to excel at this fast-paced game.

    Bownet Sports® futsal equipment will revolutionize the way players and coaches train just like we have for soccer. You can Play Anywhere, Play Now with Bownet futsal goals and an official futsal ball. Our FIFA-sized portable futsal goal uses EAS™ technology to reduce tension and stress so the goal is more stable, more flexible and longer-lasting. It can be set up in two minutes and is light enough to move around a field when fully assembled. The Bownet regulation-size futsal ball is designed to have a low but reliable bounce so players have the control they need on hard indoor courts. High-quality technical materials and reinforcements make it the durable ball you need.

    You'll have twice the fun even in the middle of a long futsal practice when you have the right equipment. We believe in producing only the best products so you can train like a pro without your gear giving out. Shop now for the latest equipment along with accessories such a field cones that can be used to set up a temporary court or drill area. Bownet also provides free resources such as set-up videos, take-down videos and futsal drills to get more out of every session. Whether you're looking for another outlet to get your soccer fix or trying to make the University Futsal Championship, let Bownet set you on the right path.