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    Bownet Cricket Practice Equipment

    Find the gear to work on your bowling, hitting or fielding skills by building a cricket training system at Bownet Sports®. Cricket is only known to some as the godfather of baseball, but in many countries worldwide, cricket remains king. From England to Australia, India to South Africa, players are serious about this stick-and-ball sport. Take your game seriously as well with cricket sets and accessories from the leader in portable gear.

    Cricket Gear for All Players

    Our cricket equipment is suitable for any skill level or game format - the only requirement is the desire to hone your skills. The Bownet® Multi-Sport Backstop is a great cricket practice backstop that will catch errant pitches, hits and throws using the Energy Absorption System™. It's fully portable, too - set it up anywhere there's a patch of grass or bare flooring. Our cricket baffles with a wicket outline are designed to be hung on the back of this protection net, providing a target to simulate game action.

    If space is limited, another option is to combine a full-size lacrosse goal with a hanging cricket wicket. This is ideal for backyard practice and team drill stations. Our agility ladder and field cones have a place in any sport, lets players work on conditioning and set up practice areas on their terms. Indoors or outdoors, summer or winter, Bownet makes it possible to customize a training system for the needs of yourself or your team.

    Play Anywhere, Play Now, Play Bownet

    Bownet is one of the best cricket stores online for players who want to make it to the top. Cricket is becoming more popular in the United States, and by working on your game now, you'll be ready when it explodes. Whether you're just learning the cricket rules trying out for the national team, Bownet will help you Train Like a Pro.