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    Every serious baseball or softball player wants to hone their skills. But if you really want to go far, you'll need access to the best training equipment. The Bownet Sports® Pro Series and Elite® Series are for developing players who want to take the next step in their game. Shop now for an assortment of high-quality baseball and softball nets that have advanced features to help budding athletes train like a pro.

    If your size or skill level has started to outgrow our regular training systems and accessories, Bownet Pro practice nets will be up to the challenge. These portable hitting and pitching nets are taller and made using stronger netting and thicker fiberglass poles. As a result, they have the strength and flexibility they need for serious players and coaches. Both the Big Mouth® and Soft Toss Pro are ideal for high school and college players that are ready to make the leap.

    Be a real All-Star between games with the Elite line of Bownet Sports training nets. These are the biggest of brothers (or sisters) in the Bownet family for high-college and semi-pro athletes. Technology such as our Energy Absorption System™ and thick composite BOW™ frame poles make these the strongest, most durable nets you'll ever own. Play Anywhere, Play Now with the Big Mouth® Elite sock training net, Mega Mouth Elite protection net and other products for working on your game safely.

    Make an investment in your present and future by getting heavy-duty baseball and softball training nets from the industry leader. These nets can be set up outdoors or indoors so you can work on drills so matter where you live or what season it is. Need help getting started? Go to the Bownet set-up videos and learn how to assemble most nets in 90 seconds or less so you can start playing.