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    Most ballplayers dream of cranking a game-winning homerun or getting a big strikeout. But there isn't always regulation-sized diamond to practice in. A baseball or softball hitting net from Bownet Sports® is a big part of a complete training solution for aspiring professionals. Bownet® first developed the innovative Big Mouth training net as a portable, practical way to play anywhere. We continue to add innovative new products that anyone - from Little League players to top college programs - can use to improve their approach to practice.

    We have a large selection of softball hitting nets and baseball pitching nets that can turn a gym, track, local park or driveway into your training ground. The original Big Mouth® X remains the standard for quality, affordability and mobility. We've also created siblings such as the Big Mouth Junior for younger players, the Big Mouth Pro and Elite for higher-level teams and the Big Mouth 2 for multiple players. Pitchers will love training net aids such as the Strike-Zone and Zone-Counter that help them develop their accuracy. We now have an infielder net as well for working on turning the double-play or throwing lasers from third.

    Every Bownet training system is made to last a lifetime. It's all about the frame when it comes to durability, and our BOW™ Pole technology makes each powder-coated steel frame exceedingly strong. Furthermore, our proprietary Energy Absorption System™ distributes energy to reduce wear. Each training net can be set up in two minutes or less so you don't have to waste time fiddling with poles and can go straight to working on your skills. Our baseball/softball net set-up videos and take-down videos are available online 24-7 if you need assistance. Click on a net to learn more about how it can help make your practice perfect.