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Sometimes it feels like you spend nearly as much time setting up for practice and taking down equipment as your players do actual drills.

Bownet seeks to change this. We want you to be able to play anywhere, play now. That outlook translates to easy-to-assemble portable training equipment that lets your players start practicing their skills within minutes. At the same time, quality doesn't take a backseat. Through our advances, such as BOW™ Poles and Energy Absorption System™ (EAS™) technology, our goals, nets and other training essentials remain stable and withstand the rigor even elite, pro-level players bring to the game.

The following videos show just to how easy it is to set up and take down Bownet's portable training equipment.

Train Like a Pro

No matter what sport you coach, drills to improve scoring and hand-eye coordination are integral to practice. These moves strengthen your players' skills and translate to points on the field.

Yet, repetition is a natural part of practice. Lesser equipment can't stand the force and impact placed on it. EAS™ technology sets Bownet training equipment apart, causing the goal to flex once the ball hits the net. In turn, the frame remains balanced and stable, instead of falling over, and the net experiences less wear and tear over its lifetime. You, as a result, get a reliable practice solution lasting far past the season.

We say it's all about the frame. Along with EAS™ technology, our definitive BOW™ Poles work to distribute the goal's weight across the base and set up in less time. No tools, guidewires or heavy-duty crossbars are needed, and your players are less likely to be injured on the field.

Together, these two features translate into the sturdiest line of portable frames on the market.

Take your team's practices to a whole new level. If the strength and convenience of Bownet's training equipment interests you, browse options for baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse and other sports now.

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