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    Team Handball Equipment

    Discover the perfect mix of basketball, football and hockey by playing handball with our high-quality training gear. Team handball - which has been called "The Sports World's Best-Kept Secret" - continues to gain buzz in the United States thanks to its exciting nature. Handball has been an Olympic sport since 1972 and is the second-fastest game after ice hockey, making it a popular pastime for those who live at breakneck speed. Shop European handball gear at Bownet Sports® so you can Train Like a Pro for the Olympic games, world championships or an intense pick-up game with friends.

    Elite Gear for Elite Athletes

    If you want to reach the highest levels of team handball, it helps to use the same equipment as those who already have. Bownet portable handball goals meet official International Handball Federation regulations for in-game use. Set them up in just two minutes for tournament games, scrimmages and backyard solo practice. You can play outdoors as well using the included ground stakes to hold the nets in place. Like all Bownet goals, the team handball net uses EAS™ technology for maximum balance and longevity. There are also no rigid steel crossbars or other injury hazards.

    Best Handball Training Gear

    Bownet® carries other equipment that will have you ready for the frenetic pace of Olympic handball. A pack of field cones is a must for practice drills and temporary fields. Add an agility ladder to fine-tune your footwork, conditioning and speed. With a wheeled handball equipment bag, you can bring equipment wherever there's space to practice. These team handball accessories are part of a full training system that allows budding athletes to realize their potential. We're known for equipment that's easy to use and lasts forever just like your love of the game. Contact us to learn more about handball equipment or become a Bownet influencer.