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    Having trouble finding a ready-to-go field? With a Bownet® multi-sport backstop, all you'll need is a patch of grass. Assemble these backstops behind home plate, lacrosse goals and even futsal goals to form a needed barrier. They will shield onlookers and let players and coaches use precious training time more efficiently.

    A good backstop is important for many sports. When you're working on hitting, throwing or shooting drills, it acts as a "catcher" to contain balls for easier pick-up later. During games, they protect spectators and other players from foul balls, wild pitches and other errant rockets. Adding Bownet backstops to your training system gives you more practice and game options so you can Play Anywhere, Play Now.

    The Right Backstop for Any Sport

    Bownet Sports® has several backstops to choose from that are made to last for players and coaches of all ages. Our Hitting Station portable backstop can be used by baseball and softball players as a target to practice "placing" their hits or as a traditional baseball backstop to catch stray pitches and foul balls. The Hitting Cube has even more overhang and extended side wings, making it an excellent “batting cage" so being a little off on your swing doesn't mean balls landing 500 feet away from the field.

    For all-purpose field protection, check out the multi-sport Bow Backstop. It stretches 17.5 feet wide for use during everything from tournament games to soft toss. If you want maximum protection, the 20' x 11' Big Daddy "Turtle" backstop will catch anything in its wake. It even has a printed strike zone so pitchers can practice without needing additional equipment. They can be used for other stick-and-ball sports, too. Try it out as a Bownet lacrosse backstop or field hockey backstop for when you're practicing your shots and stick-handling. Or hang targets on the netting to practice throwing footballs and kicking soccer balls accurately.

    Elite Backstops for Elite Athletes

    Each of our backstops is built using the best materials and technology in the industry. It's all about the frame when it comes to netting, and these frames are made using powder-coated steel with non-marking rubber feet for indoor setup and ground stakes for outdoor use. Our Energy Absorption System™ diffuses the force of a ball throughout the backstop, which improves stability. It also quickly deadens the impacts so balls drop harmlessly to the ground rather than careening back towards players.

    Owning a portable sports backstop truly lets you Play Anywhere, Play Now. Set one up in the local park or the gym and you'll be ready in just a few minutes with no tools needed. We include a rolling weather-resistant case with each backstop for transport and storage. All backstops come with a one-year limited warranty while the roller case has a six-month warranty. Need even more assurance? An extended warranty is available that includes a 50% discount on a new case. Contact us today and let our experts help you find the right backstop.