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    All Bownet® baseball nets and screens are made for separating yourself from the rest through proper training. But we know some players and coaches are searching for even more of an edge. The Bownet Pro Series and Elite Series of baseball equipment are the next step up for developing players who want to one day find themselves on a professional baseball field. These nets are slightly larger and use heavy-duty poles, nets and bases so they can withstand the hurting that top-level ballplayers put on them. Yet they remain lightweight and easy to set up so you can continue to Play Anywhere, Play Now.

    Get the latest and greatest versions of our industry-leading portable baseball training systems for hitting, pitching and fielding. We have advanced models of the Big Mouth® hitting net, L-Screen protective batting practice net, Mega Mouth safety screen and other lines we are known for. We even have an Elite version of our popular BP Caddy. Bownet Sports® Pro Series baseball nets are about one foot taller than the "standard" 7x7 net to handle the larger size and power of developing players. Bownet Elite® nets are also wider for elite high school, college and even semi-pro standouts. In the case of the BP Caddy Elite, it holds even more baseballs so you can practice longer.

    Take the pro step in your baseball career by getting the best training nets for outdoor or indoor practice. The frame has the same composite BOW™ poles and EAS™ energy absorbing technology that makes all of our nets strong, flexible and stable. But they're more durable than ever so you can use them as long as your career lasts - and we hope that's a good long while. Each Pro & Elite baseball screen includes rubber feet for indoor stability, grounds stakes for a fir outdoor hold and a carry bag for easy transport. Go to our baseball set-up videos and take-down videos pages and learn how to spend less time working and more time playing.