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    BP is important for every hitter - but there isn't always a pitcher or coach available to throw it. That's no problem when you own Bownet® pitching machines. They'll reliably feed baseballs for warm-ups, drills and mechanics work. Plug them in or use the included rechargeable battery for hours of batting practice in the cage, at the field or in your backyard. It's a must-have tool for serious players and teams who want to Train Like a Pro.

    Get More Swings with a Pitching Machine

    We have developed two pitch machine designs that can aid all levels of athletes. Our Baseball Toss Machine does automated soft toss using official baseballs. With multiple tossing options, players can drive home the details of their swing while working on coordination, timing and hitting pitching in certain locations.

    Want to face pitches with a little more power? Get ready for game day by facing the Blast Pitch baseball pitcher machine that lets you Play Anywhere, Play Now. It uses special light foam baseballs that provide excellent swing feedback and are less likely to cause harm even when used indoors. Our Blast Pitching Machine has three speeds for simulating fastballs and changes - and it can deliver breaking balls, too.

    Aim for the Fences

    A pitching machine lets anyone practice making better contact without leaving tired arms in their wake. If you're not sure which machine is best for your team, camp or personal use, reach out to Bownet. An expert will help you find the right pitching machine for sale plus accessories such as Blast Balls and replacement batteries.