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    Bownet Tennis Sport Equipment

    From beginners to ITF tournament regulars, tennis players can find the practice gear they need at Bownet Sports®. The sport of lawn tennis has seen few rule changes since its early days, meaning you can't outsmart your opponents - you just have to outplay them. We help players develop the skills they need with tennis training equipment and accessories that anyone can use. All Bownet® tennis gear is practical, durable and easy to set up so you get maximum gains from every practice session.

    Lightweight Tennis Nets

    A portable tennis net is a must to work on your serve, forehand, lob and drop-shot even when a full court isn't available. We offer both 12-foot and 18-foot tennis practice nets that use EAS™ technology to absorb impacts from errant shots (or tennis rackets that "slip" out of your hands). These nets are regulation-height but shorter in length, making them ideal for serve-and-volley practice and youth games. You also can set them in front of a rebound wall to make sure your flashy practice shots will clear the net in a game setting. If your tournament drew more players than expected, slide the practice nets together as a makeshift game net.

    Tennis Training Accessories

    To take your game from recreational backyard play to varsity-level, you will need a total training system. Complement your practice net with accessories that adapt to your workout. A ball caddy holds up to 90 tennis balls at waist height to constantly feed your drills. Footwork and conditioning are just as important as swing skills, and with the Step Training Ladder, you'll have a classic tool to ramp up your agility. There's also field cones and wheeled bags to complete your setup. Contact us for assistance with personal training needs our outfitting youth, high school and collegiate organizations that want to Train Like a Pro.