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    ProMag Hitting Tee Series

    Reaching the elite level of sports means finding a way to do the necessary training. The ProMag™ series of baseball tees is designed for days when the only partner you have to work with is yourself. Bownet Sports® has made these heavy-duty tees affordable and easy to use for all skill levels. Most importantly, a ProMag baseball tee is durable so it can handle thousands of swings. Set yours up indoors or outdoors and Train Like a Pro.

    Tees for Every Hitter

    While Bownet® is known for versatile training equipment, we understand there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The same T-ball stand that is just right for a Little League player may be too small for an elite college or professional player. Different T-ball tee heads also produce a different feel when you swing.

    Our experts have developed multiple ProMag tees for players, teams and coaches. Here's what you need to know about each hitting tee.

    • ProMag Hitting Tee: The standard model is a premium all-around hitting tee for softball and baseball players. It has an abrasion-resistant Mesh Top™ that produces fast exit velocity. You also get a commercial-grade rubber diamond base and a shaft that adjusts between 22-42 inches tall.
    • ProMag Tee Lite: The junior version of the ProMag has a traditionally styled rubber-wrap top, a square base and a slightly shorter telescoping shaft (22-40"). It's ideal for younger players, shorter players, those on a budget and players who need more work swinging at low pitches.
    • ProMag Tee XL: Step things up a notch with this extra-large hitter's tee. It has a classic wrap top and a shaft that can stand anywhere from 32 to 72 inches high to practice reaching the high outside pitch. The XL baseball tee uses the same molded rubber base as the standard tee.

    Each of these baseball tees has Bownet's patented chrome-plated magnetic tee post that slots into the steel base plate. This gives the tee a strong connection and a low center of gravity for supreme stability no matter how hard you hack.

    Replacement ProMag Baseball Tee Heads

    The head is a crucial part of every tee stand - not the least of which because it holds the ball for you to swing. If your ProMag T-ball stand head gets damaged or you prefer something different, we have replacement heads for sale. The wrap top head, which is based on the standard industry design, is made of flexible and long-lasting rubber. Our innovative Mesh Top is constructed from poly filament material that produces less resistance than rubber, giving players an excellent feel when they make contact. We also offer brush top heads made of nylon bristles that are as close as you can get to replicating the feel of standing at the plate in a game.

    Take Batting Practice Anywhere

    Whatever pitch location you need to work on, a ProMag baseball and softball tee will help you do so. Set it up anywhere from the gym to the backyard and make every day a BP day. Add a Big Mouth X® training net, Ball Practice Caddy and other equipment to create a complete tee ball set.