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    ProMag Hitting Tee Series

    Reaching the elite level of sports means finding a way to do the necessary training. The ProMag™ series of baseball hitting tees is designed for days when the only partner you have to work with is yourself. Bownet Sports® has made these heavy-duty tees affordable and easy to use for all skill levels. Most importantly, a ProMag baseball tee is durable so it can handle thousands of swings. Set yours up indoors or outdoors and Train Like a Pro.

    Tees for Every Hitter

    While Bownet® is known for versatile training equipment, we understand there's no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why our experts have developed multiple ProMag tees for players, teams and coaches. Here's what you need to know about hitting tee:

    • ProMag Hitting Tee: The standard model is a premium all-around hitting tee for softball and baseball players. It has a mesh top, a commercial-grade rubber diamond base and a shaft that adjusts between 22-42" tall.
    • ProMag Tee Lite: The junior version of the ProMag has a rubber-wrap top, square base and slightly shorter telescoping shaft (22-40"). It's ideal for younger players, shorter players and those on a budget.
    • ProMag Tee XL: Step things up a notch with this extra-large hitter's tee. It has a classic wrap top and shaft that can stand anywhere from 32-72" high to practice reaching the high-outside pitch.

    Each of these baseball tees has Bownet's patented chrome-plated magnetic tee post that slots into the steel base plate. This gives the tee a low center of gravity for supreme stability no matter how hard you hack.

    Take Batting Practice Anywhere

    Whatever pitch location you need to work on, a ProMag baseball and softball tee will help you do so. Set it up anywhere from the gym to the backyard and make every day a BP day. Add a Big Mouth X® training net, Ball Practice Caddy and other equipment to create a complete tee ball set.