Training At Home with The Hitting Vault-- Limited Time Special Offer

The Hitting Vault was created by the INTERNET”S MOST FOLLOWED HITTING COACH! What? Yes, when you join The Hitting Vault you receive the highest-level instruction, encouragement, tips and insight into the game from Matt Lisle and his team of hitting experts. The Hitting Vault has been working with athletes and coaches for over 5 years, reaching  over 4 million athletes and coaches every week with a goal to “help every baseball and softball hitter unlock their power”.

Matt Lisle is a long-time elite Baseball and Softball Coach, who works with numerous Major League Baseball ( MLB ), professional and collegiate players. While he has deeply rooted knowledge and experience in all aspects of the game his passion is more specifically in hitting. On top of his 20+ year work as a Professional Hitting Instructor, and Collegiate Coaching Career, he wanted to do more, which led to the birth of The Hitting Vault.

The Hitting Vault can be found across all social media channels where they provide the best baseball and softball tips, drills and encouragement for hitters all over the world.

For more in depth training drills and instruction you can become a
Hitting Vault Member to the power in your swing.

Offseason and At-Home Training:

Special Bownet X The Hitting Vault Offer

Training at home is more important than ever. On top of training with your Bownet equipment, we partnered with The Hitting Vault to provide their  SwingFit™ Program, to you for only $39 ($179 value).

SwingFit™ Program

      • The 8-week long, Strength and Conditioning Program is specifically designed to   get baseball and softball athletes of all ages into top shape from anywhere, with   or without weights.

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In addition to their Membership Programs, The Hitting Vault also offers Digital Books and Guidelines  for PRO and Coach members, ranging from navigating the recruiting process, game day preparation bat speed training as well as multiple coaches only guides like pregame hitting and practice plans.

Advice from Coach Matt Lisle; the most followed Professional Baseball and Softball hitting coach in the world.

Q: What are the most important things players need to know about training at home/training on their own? 

A: The most important things players need to know about training at home and on their own is that the best athletes in the world don’t just trust the process. They love the process. They love working when no one is watching because they know that’s what separates a champion from everybody else.

Q: In short; Why did you start The Hitting Vault?

A: I started The Hitting Vault because I wanted help baseball and softball players achieve their dreams and goals of being the best hitter they could possibly be. To provide them the best instruction possible all in one place. There’s nothing that brings me more joy as a coach than having a parent share with me that because of The Hitting Vault their kid hit their first home run or their 100th home run.

Q: Most important things to remember when you are in a slump?

A: The most important thing to remember when you are in a slump is that the best hitters in the world go into slumps all of the time. Mike Trout went on a 0 for 19 slump in the middle of the last year he won the MVP. It happens to the best. You will survive it. The best have a short memory.


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