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    ICE20 Ice Sleeves for Arm and Leg Therapy

    Players who Train Like a Pro are constantly pushing their bodies to the limits. Recovering quickly from these rigorous sessions is vital for keeping up busy training schedules. Bownet™ developed the ICE20™ cold compression system for athletes in all sports who need to bounce back fast. The benefits of ice therapy are widely known among athletic trainers and sports scientists. Our "freeze sleeve" and wrap products add compression, giving you a powerful recovery combination. Use them to speed up recovery from intense workouts, reduce swelling from sprains and muscle pulls or simply relieve the pain of a nasty contusion.

    Advanced Cold Therapy Products

    ICE20 wraps are the best ice packs for knees, shoulders, arms and ankles to get you back in the game. The ice pack with the sleeve design holds the pack in place so it can work its magic. Each wrap has a refillable and removable no-leak ice bag that stays cold longer than gel packs and the latex-free, soft cotton exterior is comfortable on your skin. Many of our ice compression wraps also come with mesh carry bags so you can safely bring them to road games or on vacation.

    Put Your Recovery on Ice

    We offer a large assortment of cold therapy products to fit every need. The ICE20 Combo Arm Wrap is an effective way to ice down your pitching arm after an outing. Our cold therapy knee wrap with compression is used by track athletes, soccer players and basketball players who are constantly on the move. We also offer shoulder ice wraps, elbow wraps, back compression wraps and even standalone ice bags. The ICE20 system is trusted by the USA National Softball team, professional martial artists and many others who know how important recovery is to performance. Play Anywhere, Play Now, knowing you have the tools to get your body ready for another round.