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Hi Bownet,

My name is Matthew Lee, I live in Australia and recently I purchased two 6.6 x 18 Bownet soccer goals from the Australian distributor Summit.

Today I received both of my goals and I'd just like to let you know how ecstatic I am with these.

I already own a full size portable soccer goal by another company and although it's managed to do the job, from the time I pulled it out of the box I was worried how long it would last.

After opening the shipping box for the Bownet goals I was already over the moon to see a well presented case made from high quality material with plenty of handles to carry it with and the added bonus of wheels making it so much easier.

Upon opening the Bownet case I was then put over Jupiter to see and feel an excellent net that it soft in feel yet strong and vibrant in color. To then see that the frame and poles are made from steel and well finished I was extremely glad that I had spent the money on your product.

Set up was simple, everything worked how it should and how it was shown on the videos and was all made of high quality materials.

I hope you are all extremely happy with the products you have produced as they are nothing other then well manufactured and brilliantly presented.

Thanking you a huge amount.

Matthew Lee


I wanted to express my gratitude to Bownet for making a potentially frustrating experience go remarkably smoothly. My kids had enjoyed it in our personal training sessions and were bummed when I told them they could expect to be without it for a month or so while Bownet repaired the defect. My kids were ecstatic to receive a new replacement in less than a week from our initial warranty submission. We are already back on the pitch. Haven't experienced such customer satisfaction with any other company I've dealt with. Hope and expect that your treatment of customers and the backing you give your product will lead to tremendous success for your company. Sincerely-Ken Willadsen (Soccer Dad)


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