3v3 Live Soccer Tour; The Inside Scoop

3v3 Live Soccer Tour was founded in 2000 with just 15 events throughout the year.  Today, they hold tournaments in 47 states and run over 200 annual events with over 8,000 teams and 46,000 players. With most of their events being held in the Summer and Winter, 3v3 Live attracts all ages and levels of play from recreation to experienced club level teams.


What is 3v3 Soccer?

3v3 is played with 3 players from each team on a 30 x 40 yard field and 4x8 soccer goals. This limited player and space model allows players to learn to play in a triangle and take on opponents 1 on 1.  

Benefits of playing 3v3?

  • Learn how to go to goal
  • Score more goals
  • Encourage creativity and confidence on the ball.
  • Get more touches on the ball in game situations
  • Fun and fast paced games
  • Get 10 X the on-ball action of a full sided match
  • Learn how to play in a triangle
  • All players play offense and defense all the time

We caught up with Travis Tew, Executive Director of the 3v3 Live Soccer Tour to highlight the experience of their events and how you can get involved in this fast paced, exciting game.

What do you get at a 3v3 Live Event?

At any 3v3 Live event a team is guaranteed 4 games and all players receive a t-shirt. The top 3 teams get medals for their efforts but all teams get to join the 3v3 Live National Rankings. This allows you to see where your team stands against the Nation.

When is the season?

The season runs from May through August. From there the top 3 teams in each division qualify for one of our 14 Regional Championships, followed by The 3v3 Live National Championships.

What is the best part of any event?

“I love watching how good the soccer is in the USA at the grass-roots level. I feel we are helping the beautiful game by giving the kids such a fun way to play and learn the game. Kids get hundreds of good touches on the ball and get to be CREATIVE!"- Travis Tew, Executive Director

Need a fundraiser for your club or just want to bring the 3v3 Live Tour to your club?

3v3 Live is always looking for host clubs to help bring in the Tour. If your club is looking for a fun and beneficial fundraiser go to http://www.3v3live.com/host

Make sure to join 3v3 Live Soccer Tour’s mailing list to be updated on all of their events and stay posted on the 3v3 Live Soccer Tour. 

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