6 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for The Active Family and the Athletes in your Life


As creative as we would all like to be on our own, we all need gift ideas for the holidays.  Truth is, idea lists like the one below can totally save us and make us holiday MVP’s to whomever you’re getting a gift for.  If you have an athletic boyfriend, daughter, dad, grandma or just about anybody that likes to stay active or play sports, then we have the gift for you!  Well, not really for you but for them.  Over at Bownet we cover over 15 sports with over 65 different products to choose from.  You do want to be holiday MVP don’t you?  We assume yes, so with no further ado, we present to you 6 great holiday gift ideas for the active family.


1) The Big Mouth - Baseball and Softball’s Best Selling “Sock Net”

 Bownet Ultimate Training Equipment Set

Bownet’s Big Mouth® has become the most reliable baseball training net in the industry.

Extremely durable construction along with Bownet's Energy Absorption System® means the Big Mouth can take cuts for days, months, even years. The Bownet BM stands at 7' x 7' and collapses into a manageable carrying case making it perfect for practice anywhere, and with a set-up time of only 90 seconds it means less hassle and more time to play.  This net is the ideal training tool for any baseball or softball hitting and pitching player of any age or level.


2) The Best Portable Soccer Goal

Bownet Soccer Goal Collection

If you’ve had a chance to read our article about Bownet’s proprietary Energy Absorption System AKA E.A.S technology on our portable soccer goals you will understand why they are the absolute best!  With over 13 different goals with sizes ranging from 3X5, to Futsal Goals to full sized 8X24, they all set up super fast.  They are extremely easy to take down, they fit easily in storage and car trunks, and they all have carry bags that make them easy to transport around.  Excellent for team practices, a friendly showdown or a quick pickup game on the weekend.  The EAS technology allows the goals and nets to flex and bend which reduces stress and tension on the net which not only increases the lifespan of the netting, but also creates a more stable and balanced product making our nets very difficult to knock over.  Do the soccer athlete in your life a favor and get them a portable EAS Bownet Goal!

13 Soccer Goals Available!

Bownet 3 x 5 Soccer Goal

Bownet Portable Soccer Goal 4 x 6




3)  The Ultimate Portable Baseball/Softball Tee – The UtiliTee

Portable baseball Tee Utilitee

Hitting tees are things that haven’t changed very much in technology over the years. The challenge has really been creating a portable tee that is easier to carry around that will actually stay in place when using it. Well we created just that. The UtiliTee® hitting stand is truly one of a kind. Unique and effective, Utilitee is more than a tee, it is the only complete batting system for baseball and softball ever created! Its durable steel collapsible tripod legs provide UtiliTee with a low center of gravity and easily fits over any home plate for a balanced even hitting plane and maximizes your practice time by keeping your UtiliTee upright. The adjustable base makes it easy to use for players of all ages (adjustable from 24″- 42″). The UtiliTee sets up in seconds and is designed to be extremely portable. Simply collapse the steel tripod legs and take it with you anywhere, anytime.

Portable baseball Tee Utilitee


4) ICE20 Ice Therapy for Muscle Pain and Recovery

ICE 20 Cold Therapy

ICE20 is one of Bownet Sports’ fastest growing products.  Ice has proven for centuries to be the best remedy for pain or swelling.  Real ice, not gels or gel packs.  The problem with the old school way of icing is that you put ice in a bag, then tape it around your desired limb and within about 5 minutes, the bag is leaking and falling off.  ICE20 has solved that problem.  With 11 different ice compression wraps to choose from, they cover every limb from ankle, to knee, to elbow, to shoulder, back and neck!  The wraps take in real ice and they easily strap on to your body part.  Now you can ice and recover your muscles while walking around the house, hanging out on the couch or even driving back from the game!

ICE 20 Cold Therapy



5)  Backyard Driving Range – The Bownet Golf Net 

Portable Golf Net

Surely someone in your family is obsessed with golf.  Possibly overly obsessed, but hey we understand how they feel.  By popular demand we decided to create the Bownet Golf Net. We incorporated all of our Bownet technology into this net.  It’s simple, a driving range in your own backyard.  Again, this is another training net that sets up in less than 90 seconds with absolutely no tools needed.  Surprise the golfer in your life with one of Bownet’s newest training tools!

6)  Improve Your Touch with Soccer Tennis

Portable soccer tennis and barrier net
Have you heard of soccer tennis?  If you’re a serious soccer player you’ve probably played a little bit of soccer tennis in your life.   Even if you're not a serious soccer player you've got to check this out because frankly, it's a blast! You get one bounce and the ball can be touched by 3 different players (a bit like volleyball) before hitting it over the net.  It significantly improves your touch, skills and timing.  Soccer tennis is being played in big time academies all over the world and it should be your next training game! portable soccer tennis and barrier net



We hope you were able to find something just perfect for the special people in your life. Over at Bownet Sports we wish you the best holiday season possible!

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