Interview with Tottenham Hotspur coach, Taff Rahman, about the #KitAndBookShareProject

Taff is a former talented player who is now an inspiring, passionate and forward thinking Tottenham Hotspur coach. Taff has been actively involved within the professional soccer industry from a young age and has invaluable knowledge, experience and skill sets.

This weekend we sat down and did a digital interview with Taff Rahman regarding #KitAndBookShareProject in Bangladesh.

Taff tells us the #KitAndBookShareProject came to life some years back. Every time he travelled to Bangladesh he would take items he was no longer using to donate. This year however, he thought he would kick it up a notch and launched the project through Just Play FC, a grassroots club that he set up in London. Taff reached out to Tottenham players to donate boots, shirts, books and other items.  To give it an even more personal touch, he had them record video messages about the items they were donating regarding their memories tied to the items.

The players' items where taken to deprived young people in Bangladesh in the town of Syhlet and Moulvibazar and surrounding villages.  After donating to the local kids, Taff and his staff set up Bownet soccer goals to hold a mini tournament.  The tournament was a blast for every one involved and the kids were grateful to use the goals. They thought Taff had brought the goals over just for the game play and saw this as an expensive privilege to play with them. When Taff and his staff donated the goals to the local villages the kids faces lit up with excitement and joy and were exponentially thankful for the kind gesture.

The #KitAndBookShareProject has started to develop momentum and other people are already collecting items for the end of the soccer season.  Taff is aiming for the next donation to be 500kg to 1 ton of items with a possible documentary shot to share the story and create awareness with the rest of the world!

You can follow Taff Rahman on social @TaffRahman (Facebook and Twitter) and Taff_Rahman on Instagram.

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