A Typical Training Day for a Professional Muay Thai Fighter


This week we sat down with Yeison Berdugo to learn about a typical day of training in the life of a professional Muay Thai fighter as he trains for his fight coming up on February 26th (to be aired on AXS TV). 

 Yeison Berdugo

Daily Muay Thai Training Routine (6-7 days a week):


6:00 am:  Breakfast. 6 eggs and tons of greens including broccoli, spinach, lettuce and others.


7:00 am:  First training session beings.  This first session consists of 2.5 hours of a full body explosive work out.


10:00 am: 2nd meal. Yeison's busy schedule makes it nearly impossible to prep his own meals let alone calculate exactly what he needs to eat.  One of Yeison's major sponsors, Project Lean Nation, will have this 2nd meal ready for him as soon as he is done training.  Depending on his morning work out, PLN will calculate the best calorie intake for Yeison including the optimal amount of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.


Break Time: After Yeison's 2nd meal he takes about a 2 hr break which includes stretching and moving around so his muscles don't become stiff for the afternoon's training.


2:00 pm - 5:30 pm: Yeison begins his second training of the day.  This one is focused on the art of fighting itself with his personal coach. Kickboxing and Muay Thai are the focus.  The warm up mainly consists of jump rope work leading to specific training on kicking, elbows, knees and other types of blows.

 Yeison Berdugo Training

6:00 pm:  Yeison eats his third meal especially prepared by Project Lean Nation.


7:00 pm: Yeison hits up BP Fitness in downtown Providence Rhode Island and spends an hour cooling down and doing active stretching.


This is where Yeison loves his ICE20 wraps for the best recovery after a hard day of exercise and training.  Recovering with regular ice bags are inconvenient for him and doesn't allow him to continue moving as they will sweat and fall off if he isn't laying or sitting down without movement.  With the ICE20 Combo Arm and the Small Knee that he uses on his shins, he can recover with the same effects of ice while still walking around, getting into his car or simply hanging out on the couch watching some tv.

Ice Recovery Yeison Berdugo ICE20 

Yeison was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. He moved to the states when he was 8 years old to Providence, Rhode Island.  He grew up playing soccer and was all state.  He was voted the best in the state at age 14. He also ran track and was all division and all class in New England.  On the track team, his team broke state records for the 4X100 and 4X400 when they were juniors.

At age 18 Yeison started fighting.  He tell us he always wanted to fight because he loves to push his limits and expand his physical powers.


His ultimate goal is to win the belt in the 125 category and aim for the belt in 135 category. 



Don't miss Yeison's next fight that will be aired on Feb 26th on AXS TV at 7 Eastern Time! 

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