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What Is A Barcelona Escola?


As you will read in our upcoming article about FC Barcelona Penyas, Barcelona is one of the most popular soccer clubs in the world.  Besides their consistency in their level of play at the professional level, they are also well known for their “semillero.”  Semillero translates to a seedbed or hotbed.  Essentially, it’s their youth development program.  The reason they are so consistent at the pro level is due to their ability to raise prodigies at a young age.  Asides from their development program in Barca, they also have their international FCBEscolas.


Messi Escola


The FCBEscola as described by their official website is  “The flagship FC Barcelona school aimed at boys and girls between 6 and 18 years of age.  The FCBEscolas work via their own particular model, based on the Barca methodology which includes a creative and attacking brand of football and the promotion of positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and modesty.”

We thought there no was better choice but to hear from an international organization in the midst of becoming an FCBEscola themselves.  This time around we sat down with Leanne Tiffen of BCN Spsorts, an official partner of FCBESCOLA in Australia and New Zeland.



How To Become An FCBEscola


Bownet Team- Was it a difficult process to become an official Escola partner of FCB and when did you guys form this partnership?


Leanne-  FCB are very selective when choosing their partners as they have to maintain the quality of the Escola training. The founder of BCN Sports is Catalan and a Club Member, so he understands the Barcelona way very well, adding to its authenticity. For ANZ we had the background of working with FCB for 5 years prior in Canada, which we have carried over. 


FCBEscola Coaching


Bownet Team- How many Escolas are there between Australia and New Zeland?


Leanne-  At present ANZ has no Escola's operating. We have only been running our first lot of Escola camps (week long training) in this region. The Club always prefers to run these camps first before opening the more permanent academy style training. It helps both the club and the players understand each other and how best to work with one another! We do hope to have Escolas in the future for ANZ.


Bownet Team- What makes a Barcelona affiliate special?  What does FCB provide to you guys that helps you stand out from the pack?


Leanne-  I think the focus on quality of training! FCB provides a world class program, that is very professional and organized. Around that BCN Sports just needs to make the event happen. We always do everything we can to maintain the best quality of training for every player involved, down to the gear and equipment used to the venues we choose. 



Soccer’s Growth in Australia and New Zealand



Bownet Team- Have you seen significant growth in the sport of Soccer in Australia over the past 5 years?


Leanne-  Absolutely, the sport here (and in New Zealand) is seeing massive amounts of growth. In two very sport mad nations, Soccer has now become the most participated sport across all ages for both males and females!  


FCBEscola Youth Development


Bownet Team-  What do you believe the growth is attributed to?


Leanne-  I believe this can be attributed to a number of reasons. 1) the success of national teams in more recent years, 2) professional leagues beginning in Australia and also 3) TV viewing of Europe's professional leagues becoming more readily available e.g. La Liga and EPL



Bownet Team- As you know we actually found you guys when we noticed some Bownet EAS Portable soccer goals in pictures of your practice.  Why did you guys decide to get Bownets?


Leanne-  We went with Bownet after a lot of researching and discussing with local coaches and clubs. Bownet came highly recommended!  


FCBEscola Bownet Soccer Goals 


Bownet Team- How have our goals changed or affected your practices?


Leanne-  They have not necessarily changed our practices but they sure have affected them positively! We can move goals easily, set up or take down and we don’t have to worry about them knocking or blowing over - they seem to stay up almost no matter what which is shocking for a portable soccer goal! 


Another great advantage to the Bownet E.A.S. (Energy Absorption System) soccer goals for youth camps is the safety.  Contact us directly to learn more about the FCBEscolas, our product or to get in touch with Leanne Tiffen.  We are very appreciative of Leanne's time and great insight on the FCBEscola system.  You can follow FCBCampANZ on Facebook as well as Bownet Soccer on Facebook and on Instagram.



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