Idaho Youth Soccer Sees A Change with Lite Soccer Ball

Bownet had the great opportunity to visit Idaho Youth Soccer's training session to introduce the Lite Soccer Ball to their youth players.

“With the weight of the ball and the way it traveled, I think it will transform the way young kids see the game. They won't be afraid of the ball, the ball will be on the ground more often, and the field will be opened up so they can make longer passes” said Bill Taylor, President of Idaho Youth Soccer. “I think from a coaching point of view, we're really going to see a change in what we can do with these kids now that they're not struggling to strike such a heavy ball. The safety piece is just the icing on the cake.”



Bownet is proud to introduce our latest development - the Lite Ball. This innovative and unique Lite Ball Technology was created to engage the first time youth player and build their confidence with the ball and inspire passion for the game. The Bownet Lite Ball's composition increases control, touch, and ease of shooting and passing. Constructed from a soft rubber bladder, a layer of 3.50mm soft eva foam, a layer of polyester fabric, and encased in TPU for cushioning comfort and flexibility. The Lite Ball is 21% - 29% lighter than average soccer balls on the market today to guarantee the best change to find joy, inspiration, and fun for players to enjoy a long term love of the game.