Innovating The Game of Soccer With Kixsports


Bownet Sports has been innovating sports since 2002 with the creation of the 4x8 soccer goal.  As innovators of the game especially when it comes to portability, we love learning about other companies that are creating things to better the sport and improve players' skills.  For that reason, we sat down with Darren Smith of Kixsports.


Bownet: Who is Kixsports?

Darren: Kixsports is a group of former street and traditional soccer players, inventors, and soccer fanatics based in Charlotte, NC.


Kixsports kid 



Bownet: What is Kixsports?

Darren:  Kixsports is a Sporting Goods brand that develops, manufactures and distributes innovative sports gear.  The product line is a mix of both conventional and patented gear with a focus primarily on Soccer.



Bownet: Talk to us about the KixFriction ball?

 Darren: The KixFriction ball has the same feel, weight and size as a traditional soccer ball but has rubber flaps hand sewn into its seams creating friction to slow the ball down on the street, turf and air. It has moved from the 1550th ranked soccer ball on Amazon to #23 in just 60 days with a 4.9 star ranking and over 70+ reviews fueled mostly by word of mouth by soccer insiders.



Kixfriction ball 



Bownet: What age group and level do you recommend this ball to?

Darren: The KixFriction ball should be used by players of all ages and levels. It helps younger, developing players generate more leg strength, allowing them to kick the ball further, while more intermediate players use it to get more time to focus on ball control technique. Young players with disabilities also benefit from having more time to prepare themselves as the ball is in motion. Many coaches employ it with advanced players to promote a crisper passing game and cleaner striking of the ball, especially with the weaker foot. We have also found that the ball is particularly popular amongst players who are looking to develop their juggling skills and tricks as it provides more grip to the cleat than a regular soccer ball and as it only travels 50% of the distance compared to a regular ball, its perfect for playing in smaller spaces. See it action here.



Kixsports ball



Bownet: Why do you guys use Bownet EAS portable goals over other goals?

 Darren: We love Bownet EAS portable goals not just because they are easy to set up and affordable but they make playing the game we love a lot simpler. Bownet also embody a similar spirit to Kixsports, using scientific principles to create game changing products that help advance a player’s skill level like never before.


Bownet EAS goals


Bownet: Anything you’d like to add…

Darren: Stay up to date with the latest product developments by please following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can contact Kixsports at



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