Kanga Kicks; More than just a soccer program





Kanga Kicks soccer program was developed to introduce kids to sport and more specifically soccer at a younger age. Utah Youth Soccer Association designed this creative program to teach new soccer techniques to children while providing them with a sense of achievement."This program was developed in order to expand our outreach to kids of all ages. We aspire to be the largest provider of youth sport programming in the state of Utah and this was one of the many opportunities we found to expand our programming" said Kanga Kick's Director, Holly Gundred. There are many programs for kids this age, but very few have an emphasis on sport. Kanga Kicks integrate their logo, the kangaroo, in activities and tasks, such as hopping around like a kangaroo with their ball in order to make lessons more relatable. This enables the kids to have fun with their tasks while still incorporating basic skills. They offer four different classes to involve all age levels. 


Lil' Roo's 

The Lil’ Roo’s class is for parents and their 18-month through 30-month-old children. This class uses props, songs and games to stimulate motor skills in children.


Two and a half through three and a half year olds participate in the energetic Joeys class. In Joeys, kids play games that develop balance, movement and motor skills while improving their listening skills.


Kanga’s is the next class up for three and a half year olds through five year olds. Kanga class builds balance, coordination and basic soccer skills in a more fast pace course. Kanga classes help develop listening, cooperation and teamwork skills.


Wallabies are five and six year olds. Wallaby classes enable kids to work with extra touches on the ball with more game-like situations. Wallaby class also focuses on balance, coordination and fundamental soccer techniques through creative drills.


For protection purposes, the younger age class’s foam soccer balls were used, however they lacked the feel of an authentic soccer ball. Kanga Kicks has now switched over to using Bownet Lite Balls.

"With these new Bownet Lite Balls we are getting the same protection and control from the foam balls, but also giving kids the opportunity learn what a real soccer ball plays, and feels like. It has been very beneficial to our program."
Kanga Kick's Director, Holly Gundred


These classes are designed to cater to the developmental path of kids. Every child is given their own ball for drills, due to the limited capacity children have for sharing at this age. Kanga Kicks caters to every child’s individual needs to avoid potential conflict between children. Although soccer training is the main idea at Kanga Kicks, developing hand-eye coordination, balance and listening skills are also a big focus. The program does anything they can to give each child their individual attention.

Kanga Kicks goal is to provide young kids developmental opportunities through the sport of soccer in a fun and safe environment. They watch their participants thrive through out the two and a half years they attend, and leave with greater ability in soccer and social situations.

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