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When it comes to pure entertainment, professional wrestling is on most people's favorites list. This industry is packed with high flying acts, brute strength, and excitement with absolutely no off-season.  Given our recent encounters with Billy Gunn and Robbie Strauss discussing muscle recovery we felt the need to share some fun facts about pro wrestling with our fans.


Billy Gunn Headlock 


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the leader in this dynamic field. This publicly traded company hosts over 300 events per year and is the world's largest wrestling promoter. Many of the biggest names of all time such as The Rock, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Stone Cold Steve Austin have graced the stage. WWE started out in 1953 and has gone through many name changes such as Capitol Wrestling Corporation, National Wrestling Alliance, and (WWF). Company (CEO) Vince McMahon has transcended WWE by making it a global event and as of today, WWE is broadcasted in over 150 countries

With the success of WWE, other wrestling federations have spruced up throughout the years. Total Nonstop Action (TNA) is the second most popular wrestling organization and the second biggest pro wrestling promotion in the United States. This Nashville, TN corporation was founded in 2002 by former wrestler Jeff Jarrett. With the dismantling of the (WCW) World Wresting Federation, Jarret his brother, and friend Bob Ryder, started a newer federation of their own. These were pay-per-view styled events. TNA's first show aired on June 19, 2002. With such success, TNA grew more popular over the years and started airing a televised weekly events.


Robbie Strauss Champion

Thinking of Becoming a Pro Wrestler? Know These 4 Things:

Being a pro wrestler, you must have a strong passion, work ethic, and patience. It wouldn't hurt to have a "little meat on your bones" as well. Here is some advice to abide by before tackling this subject; no pun intended.

  1. Wrestling Is Physical: We've all heard that wrestling is fake. On the contrary, the matches are predetermined to a degree, but the falling, lifting, and slamming is real.
  2. Put On Some Weight/Muscle: It would be wise to build a solid foundation; literally. You don't see too many skinny wrestlers. It's just the nature of the beast. As stated above; this sport is very physical and you'll definitely see your fair share of injuries throughout your career.
  3. Proper Training: Even if you've seen a million matches; wrestling schools are warranted. Schools or private trainers can be expensive, but the teachings will pay off.


Robbie Strauss Working Out

        4. Respect: You'll be training with older guys throughout your career. These guys              may not be in their prime, but they've been to where you're trying to get.    Disrespecting past legends will get you alienated or kicked out of the business.

These two wrestlers below have seen it all and done it all in the ring and they're both friends of ours! Check out their stats:

  • Billy Gunn: Wrestler/Trainer specialized in "tag team." Gunn is a 1x WWF Intercontinental Champ, 1999 King of the Ring, 11x Tag Team Champ, & has a total of 14 WWE Championships.
  • Robbie Strauss: The TNA Wrestler is a 1x TNA Television Champ, 2x World Champ, and a TNA X Division Champ.

We asked Robbie how often he works out.  Simply put he responded "Mornings. I usually always train in the morning whether I am on the road or not!! Then again midday, and of course once again in the afternoon."  Better hit the gym to keep up guys!

"Post Work Out Recovery"

Being such a physically demanding sport; recovering is just as important as training. Bruises, sprains, strains, & fractures are possible...actually they're inevitable. Icing is a great way to keep you functioning because it keeps swelling and inflammation down.


Billy Gunn Ice 20


Robbie Strauss tell us ICE20 has been a game changer for him. "I think for what I do and the way my body is always beat up or for any athlete these ice20 products are life changing.  Especially because of their portability and easy of use regardless of what you're doing."


Robbie Strauss recovery


ICE20 epitomizes ice therapy. The innovative designs fit the Ankle, Elbow, Knee, Back/HipShoulder, and Neck/Traps.  ICE20 is user friendly, comfortable, stays in place, and is refillable, and adjustable.  Learn more about ICE20.

A special thanks to Billy Gunn and Robbie Strauss! 

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