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Sierra Romero grew up in Murrieta, CA and started playing softball when she was just four years old. Both softball and baseball run deep in the Romero family which you will learn about as you read on.  She is passionate about the game and we find her to be a great example of hard work and dedication. Sierra loves training with Bownets in practice and before games so naturally we decided to have a one-on-one with her. Check out what she's got to say about her life experiences and her dedication to the sport, get inspired, and get out and play!



 Sierra Romero Bownet

Bownet: Sierra, you went to Vista Murrieta High School and you were the 3rd ranked prospect nationally per ESPN. What would you say you did differently mentally and/or physically during high school to stand out like that?

Sierra: I never stopped working to get better, I was never satisfied because I believed there was always something I could get better at so that pushed me to become one of the best players in the game.


    Sierra Romero hitting


    Bownet: You were also all-academic honors in high school. What advice can you give girls reading this in staying on top of both academics and softball?

    Sierra: You’re a STUDENT Athlete and academics come first. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t make the grades. Time-management is huge and it’s very important to be able to separate your time dedicated to school and your sport.  


    Sierra Romero with kids


    Bownet: Tell us your fondest HS softball memory.

    Sierra: I would say my senior year of high school because that was the last time my sister Sydney and I played on the same team together. I loved having her on the field with me and at the same school.


    Sierra Romero with sister sydney


    Bownet: After that you went to the University of Michigan. What an amazing school to play sports for.  What was the first challenge you remember being a freshman at Michigan? 

    Sierra: Two of the biggest challenges I faced my freshman year was probably balancing school and softball because classes at Michigan are pretty hard (It’s Michigan so I wasn’t surprised) and the other challenge was living up to the expectations I put upon myself, I knew I could be one of the best players so I was very hard on myself so I had to really learn to not focus on the outcome and instead focus on the process.


    Bownet: You were Big Ten player of the Year. How were you able to succeed at such a young age?

    Sierra: After having a successful freshman year, I went home and told my dad how people were talking about “sophomore slumps” and living up to “expectations” and he said, “there is no such thing as a sophomore slump unless you think there is. And the expectations of other people don’t matter, unless you start to listen to them.” After he said that to me my mindset changed completely. In my mind the only person that could beat me was myself. And that’s how I was a three time Big Ten player of the year and the 2016 USA Softball Player of The Year.

    Sierra Romero  player of the year


    Bownet: So awesome and congratulations!

    You finished school as the first player in NCAA history to record 300 runs, 300 hits, and 300 RBI’s. How are you able to stay focused when you start getting close to hitting a record?

    Sierra: I never knew what my stats were, they weren’t important to me if the team was winning. I never wanted to know my batting average, HR, RBI’s, nothing because in my mind if I thought I was playing well and we were winning that’s all that mattered to me. I just focused on my teammates and the rest took care of itself.


    Bownet: What did you enjoy most about college outside of playing softball?

    Sierra: All the friendships I gained over the past four years with teammates, coaches, and other students is something that will last a lifetime and something I will cherish forever.


    Sierra Romero  friendships


    Bownet: You were nominated for Best Female College Athlete at the 2016 ESPY’s. Tell us about that experience.

    Sierra: It was awesome, I got to be on one of the biggest stages in sports and really feel like a professional athlete.


    Sierra Romero  hitting


    Bownet: What highlight will forever remain engrained in your memory throughout your entire career? 

    Sierra: Probably playing against my sister in the WCWS and seeing her succeed at the highest level. I’ve been there for her since she was that little stud at 5 years old  and it was a proud sister moment for me playing against her with my family watching.


    Bownet: Very cool! Tell us about any softball camps or lessons that you are involved with.

    Sierra: I have a lot of camps coming up I would recommend subscribing to my website for updates and following me on social media. Instagram/ Twitter : SierraJoy32


    Bownet: There are many different hitting styles and philosophies. What is yours?

    Sierra: Always have fun and enjoy the game and your teammates. Don’t make the game harder than what it is, keep it simple.


    Sierra Romero  USSSA


    Bownet: What is your approach to the plate while you were in a slump?

    Sierra: I don’t believe in slumps, but when things just aren’t going your way, keep swinging.  All it takes is that one hit.


    Bownet: Your sister, Sydney, is a great player as well and your brother, Michael, a great baseball players. How have your parents played a role in your success?

    Sierra: My parents have been the most supportive and loving parents any kid could ask for. Their support and just constant encouragement is what really pushes us to work hard. They sacrifice so much to put us on the path to success it’s only right we repay them by working hard and making them proud.


    Sierra Romero  with family


    Bownet: What an awesome thing to have that kind of support from your family.  Sierra, you’re always on the go.  What do you find most valuable about Bownet’s training nets?

    Sierra: I love how easy they are to assemble and the variety of ways I'm able to use them when I'm training. It makes hitting and fielding a lot easier without any hassle. 


    Bownet: What is your final piece of advice you’d like to give to thousands of softball players out there reading this today?

    Sierra: Always work hard, have fun, be a good teammate, and everything else will fall into place.  Control the controllable which is your effort and attitude.

    “Be so good they can’t ignore you”


    Sierra Romero Michigan

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