Whether your baseball team is chasing a championship or learning the ropes in recreational league, they'll get better by training with the right gear. Shop at for baseball training equipment that will help your players hit, pitch and field like the pros they aspire to be. Bownet® revolutionized the way athletes train with our BowPole technology that made nets durable and strong-yet-portable. When you train with Bownet, you can get to work on the field, in the gym or in your own backyard. Play Anywhere, Play Now!

We've developed dozens of baseball nets and systems to help you get the most out of your training sessions. Our selection includes Bownet training nets, protection screens, backstops, training balls, baseballs, player and equipment bags and accessories. Customize your perfect training system to help work on opposite-field hitting, nailing the strike zone, make accurate throws or just protect teammates during batting practice. All of Bownet's nets and training equipment are stable on a variety of surfaces and use our innovative Energy Absorption System® which was engineered to provide a sturdier yet portable training net.

Bring Bownet innovation to the rest of your training regimen with our baseball accessories. Our UtiliTee® and ProMag baseball batting tee systems give hitters instant feedback to improve their mechanics. We stock an assortment of baseball equipment bags such as wheeled ball bags, bat travel bags, catcher bags, duffle bags and coach's backpacks to store, transport and organize gear. With official league baseballs and instant feedback training balls, you'll have the right one for every hitting drill. Don't head to checkout without adding the right batting gloves, elbow guards, fungo bats and other essential accessories to your playbook.

Train with the best equipment in the industry by choosing Bownet baseball sporting goods. We are a one-stop-shop for players and coaches at all levels of the sport who want to #playanywhereplaynow and #trainlikeapro. Our equipment is designed to work together so you always have a new training option and can create your perfect training system. Join the Bownet email list to learn about all of our latest baseball products and special offers!

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