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    Bownet BOW Poles

    As tough as Bownet® training systems are, sometimes elite athletes are tougher. If the poles on your net or goal have been damaged, broken or just flat-out misplaced, you can get replacement BOW™ poles directly from the company that made the originals. Replacing the poles instead of the entire net or goal saves time and saves money, so you can focus on what really matters - like your upcoming game. At Bownet Sports, we know that our portable sports training nets take a lot of hits and sometimes they need to be fixed up just like the athletes who use them, that's why we offer replacement BOW poles that are easy to install and just as durable as the originals. Order replacement poles today, and you'll be ready to Train Like a Pro again in no time.

    Bownet Replacement Parts, Ready to Install

    At Bownet, we sell complete composite BOW pole sets that arrive ready to install. Simply click on the collection below to find the poles that match your original net or goal and get fast access to the replacement parts you need. For example, our BOW Poles for Baseball and Softball Nets section has replacement poles for the Big Mouth®, Hitting Station, Bownet Backstop, Pitching Screen and other related equipment. We have poles for all 13 Bownet soccer goals that we sell, ranging in size from youth to adult FIFA goals.

    Replacement Parts for Every Bownet Training System

    Need a set of poles for your SoloKicker or volleyball hitting station? You'll find them here along with everything else for Bownet football, volleyball and field hockey nets. Lacrosse and tennis players can order replacement BOW poles for their field nets, goals and halos. All poles are made of flexible composite fiberglass that is strong, but can also bend to absorb impact. This is part of the Bownet EAS® system that increases the lifespan of our portable nets, allowing you to train harder and train longer.

    Bownet's Energy Absorption System (EAS) is the foundation to our portable nets and goals. The EAS design is what allows the nets and goals to flex and bend, reducing stress and increasing the lifespan of our products. This flexibility also improves the stability and balance of the goal, making Bownet BOW Poles some of the most reliable on the market; it's all about the frame!

    Bownet training systems are forever when you use Bownet parts to make quick repairs. BOW pole sets ship fast and arrive ready to use, sliding right into your net setup like nothing happened. Plus, Bownet replacement poles are so inexpensive that you can afford to buy them even if you don't need them right now - then you'll have an immediate replacement if something goes wrong in the middle of practice. Call our office at 805-322-8844 to speak with a sports equipment specialist if you need assistance.