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    Practice Hitting Tees

    Being the best hitter you can be means you need to put in the work every day - even when you're the only person you have to train with. A baseball or softball tee from Bownet® sets you up to take good cuts when you step to the plate in a game. Our adjustable batting tees can be set high and inside, low and outside or anywhere in-between to practice hitting balls in those locations. Whether you're trying to maintain a pure swing or work out some kinks, these tees will remain stable and pure. The next time you step to the play with the go-ahead run on in the bottom of the ninth, you'll be ready thanks to a Bownet tee.

    Our batting tee systems come in all shapes and sizes. The classic UtiliTee™ was our original solo hitting practice batting tee and remains an elite training system from pony league to college. This versatile tee is available with a brush top, Mesh Top™ or wrap top to provide just the right feel and height range.

    The UtiliTee Pro System takes things up a notch with a variety of attachments to practice cuts, hand placement, bat path and stance with instant feedback. If you already own a UtiliTee, you can buy the attachment pack separately. Bownet has also created the ProMag™ heavy-duty hitting tee for indoor and outdoor use. Its patented magnetic base and shaft gives the tee a low center of gravity to remain stable even after the most vicious hacks. Watch our video to learn more.

    Take BP in the school gym, local park or your own backyard by adding a Bownet hitting tee to your collection. Use them with our batting practice nets and backstops for a complete training system where the only thing you break is your personal best for batting average. We are the world leader in portable sports equipment that gives you the edge you need to be elite.