Ice20 Real Ice Compression Therapy

Every athlete wants to play forever. But injuries and pain are as inevitable as winning and losing. Even elite athletes need to take care of their body so they can constantly push it to the limits during practices and games. ICE20™ is the revolutionary Bownet® therapy system that helps players recover faster so they can get back on the field, court or pitch. These cold wraps combine ice and compression for a complete body therapy system that will have you feeling fresh in no time.

Even in the age of advanced recovery and medicine, icing remains one of the most effective way to reduce pain and swelling. The ICE20 wrap system will provide relief from sprains, bruises, strains, tendonitis and any other sort of inflammation. Our compression therapy wraps are made of latex-free neoprene with adjustable Velcro® straps for targeted form-fitting treatment that stays in place. The bags are meant to be filled with real ice, which stays colder longer than gel packs. It's also more convenient as ice is often more plentiful than freezers on road trips or vacations. Ice for 20 minutes, remove the bag(s) for 20 minutes to allow blood flow to increase, then ice again as needed to restore soft tissue, tendons and ligaments.

We make nearly a dozen ICE20 therapy wraps that can be used for major injuries are as part of a daily workout recovery plan. Arm and shoulder ice compression wraps are popular among pitchers and quarterbacks while ice wraps for knees are a must among soccer players, runners, gymnasts and hockey players. We make ICE20 ankle wraps, elbow wraps, neck wraps and many other options for the swelling and inflammation that's keeping you out of the starting line-up. ICE20 is an official sponsor of the USA Women's National Softball Team and is used by many other elite athletes so they can Play Anywhere, Play Now pain-free. Each product page includes an instructional video for how to get the best results from your ice therapy.


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