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    End Caps & Feet

    Just because a part is small doesn't mean it's unimportant. Bownet® end caps and rubber feet play a huge role in our sports training systems. These add-ons cover sharp edges so players and gym floors don't get cut or gouged. They also add stability so your nets and goals remain upright during a hard practice - and since our net feet are non-marking, you can use them indoors. Unfortunately, their small size means they also can get lost, misplaced or damaged easily. Our selection of Bownet replacement parts includes rubber feet and caps for every training net, protection net, goal and backstop in our inventory. You'll never have to go uncapped when you have the best Bownet parts.

    We've made it easy to find the Bownet rubber feet that fit your frame. End caps are primarily used on baseball and softball training nets. Here you'll find thin end-cap feet for the Big Mouth® and Soft Toss, thicker feet for Pro Series nets and pitching screens and special square caps for the Big Barrier Net. Versatile rubber feet come in shapes and sizes to fit more than a dozen Bownet nets, including most of our soccer goals, the SoloKicker, and our nets for lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball. We even have the special oblong rubber feet used on the center hinges for larger soccer goals and protection nets.

    Don't let their size fool you - Bownet rubber feet for nets and goals are as tough as they come. These accessories are a vital part of the Energy Absorption System® that extends the life of our training systems. By providing traction when the net is bending and flexing, they prevent tipping that holds up a practice or causes injury. To #trainlikeapro, every part of your equipment needs to be working perfectly, and your practice nets will be with the right foot and end caps.