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Bownet Parts & Accessories

Maintain Bownet® goals and training nets by ordering the correct parts directly from us. The desire to Play Anywhere, Play Now is what separates the best players. However, even the best training nets suffer wear and tear under the power of elites athletes. Accidents also happen on the field. For these reasons, we decided from the beginning that the parts of a net should be easily replaceable. Our large selection of hitting het replacement parts allows players and coaches to fix them up quickly. Bownets Are Forever thanks to parts just like those that originally came with the equipment.

Replacement Training Nets & Parts

If your netting has been ripped or is showing its age, a Bownet replacement net will make it training time once again. We sell new nets for most of our baseball/softball training products along with 13 replacement soccer goal nets, lacrosse goal replacement nets and protection nets. Buying separate nets is also a great way to use a single frame for several activities, saving money and storage space. The 7' x 7' BOW™ Frame supports seven interchangeable Bownet training nets Just like the net you're swapping out, these nets come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Other Replacement Bownet Hardware

Athletes can replace every other piece of their training system beyond the net and frame. Get a Bownet replacement pole, rubber feet, quick clips, ground stakes and everything else you need. These small items are the most likely to get lost, so pay a small fee now to have spares available when the moment strikes. It's far less expensive than buying the whole assembly. If your carrying bag has been ripped or sun-faded, get a replacement Bownet bag to transport equipment to and from the field. From the net to the nuts and bolts, help your Bownet portable sports net last a lifetime.  


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