Field Barriers

Field Barrier Nets

There are plenty of things that can go wrong during a practice or game - and no one wants one bad hit, pitch or kick to cause lasting damage. Bownet® sports barrier netting provides the protection needed from one end of the field to the other. Our regular protection nets are adequate for shielding individual players and coaches from hot shots. But large-scale field safety calls for large-scale field barriers. These barrier nets can be used to surround basketball courts, shield baseball dugouts, mark soccer end lines, stop hard lacrosse shots and much more. Spend more time playing and less time chasing down errant balls or nursing injuries with the best field barrier systems.

Bownet Sports® has several portable ball stop netting systems for sale to help players of all levels Play Anywhere, Play Now. The 21.5' x 11.5' Big Barrier Net is the largest, most advanced field protection screen we sell. Use it to divide up softball drill stations, separate football scrimmages or prevent off-target shots and passes from entering the grandstands. The Low Barrier Net is three feet shorter than the Big Barrier for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey practices. Use it to prevent errant soccer and lacrosse shots or passes from entering bench areas, grandstands and nearby fields. We also have 12-foot and 18-foot long low barrier nets that are about three feet high. These nets were originally designed for tennis but are great for preventing soccer shots from skipping into the woods if they miss their mark.

Every field barrier is made to the same high standards as Bownet training system. EAS® technology absorbs impact with a "flexible stability" that extends the net's life. Furthermore, each protective net - even the Big Barrier Net - takes less than two minutes to set up or take down so you have more time to play. Visit the product pages to see the set-up videos for yourself. Players and coaches from youth to professional ranks can play safely at an elite level with our all-sport barrier nets.


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