Batting Cage Ball


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Batting Cage Ball
Batting Cage Ball
Batting Cage Ball
Batting Cage Ball

For your players, practicing in the batting cage serves two purposes: They can work on their swings as well as improve their hand-eye coordination.

Our 12-inch Batting Cage Balls offer an essential tool for these drills. The bright shade improves visibility, allowing players to spot the ball from the pitching machine and track it before taking a hit. The more drills they do, the greater their concentration, coordination and confidence becomes.

Accommodating your team's season, durable polyurethane construction lasts through repeat swings without denting or damaging players' aluminum bats.

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  • 12-inch durable polyurethane dimpled ball
  • Optic Yellow for easy visibility
  • COR and Compression for extended performance life
  • Will not damage your aluminum bats


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• Shipping Box Weight - 2 pounds
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