USSSA Official Game Ball (BN-200 USSSA)


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USSSA Official Game Ball (BN-200 USSSA)

Official USSSA Baseballs

Fill up your ball buckets and bags with these USSSA 9" regulation game balls that are ready for action. The United States Specialty Sports Association is one of the country's largest baseball governing bodies with youth, high school, college and rec leagues from coast to coast. Our BN-200 official game ball is a high school/youth tournament grade baseball approved for USSSA-sanctioned events at these levels. It has a C-grade cowhide leather cover and cushion cork center with gray wool yarn winding. The raised seams let pitchers get a firm grip.

A 12-pack of USSSA game balls is essential for teams and players who want to Play Anywhere, Play Now. The official USSSA stamp lets everyone know these baseballs can be put into play at any time. Rub them up and play ball. Once they've taken a few good whacks or been ground into the dirt, add them to the practice bucket for the rest of the season. Bownet® manufactures an assortment of official game baseballs for players, teams and coaches who need the right gear.


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