Official Fastpitch 12" Genuine Optic Leather (BN-FP12)


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Official Fastpitch 12" Genuine Optic Leather (BN-FP12)

Official 12" Fastpitch Softball with Optic Leather

Prepare for the coming softball season by shopping at Bownet Sports® for official fastpitch softballs. This 12-inch circumference fastpitch softball is the size typically used for ages 12 and up, including high school, college, pro and international play. It's made with a premium optic leather cover that's approved for college- and pro-level games. Inside, the specifications meet those laid down by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and USSSA Softball for game balls. This includes a PU core, a .47 COR rating and 375-pound compression. Raised seams give pitchers the grip they need for their curves and drop palls.

Bownet helps elite and aspiring athletes Train Like a Pro with the correct gear. Our BN-FP12 optic leather softballs have an "Official Fastpitch" stamp and can be put into play at most amateur or semi-pro games. (We also offer these 12" softballs with Official NFHS and USSSA artwork if your league requires such branding.) Softballs are sold by the dozen so you'll have enough for the next game - and they can be used for practice and drills afterwards. We sell many other softball training items to build a complete system for your team.

Price per Dozen

•  College/Pro Level Premium Optic Leather Cover.
• Raised Seam
• PU Core
• .47 COR
• 375 Compression


• Weight - 5.40 pounds
• Master Quantity - 12
• Case Size - 15" x 11.25" x 3.75"
• Shipping Box Weight - 6.40 pounds
• Shipping Box Size - 24" x 13" x 16"