Kronum Goal


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Kronum Goal
Kronum Goal
Kronum Goal
Kronum Goal

Kronum is a new game for the modern era of athletics, media and entertainment.   The game of Kronum is played between two teams of ten players on a circular playing surface with one ball and FOUR goal structures. The game is fast-moving, free-flowing, non-stop action, involving incredible shots, saves, scores, passes, and ball handling.

The portability and extreme durability of Bownet makes our goals the perfect goals for this new exciting game. Bownet is proud to be the official net of Kronum.

Visit to see complete details of the game.


• Set Up Time - 2 minutes (Two People)
• Weight - 53 pounds
• Carry Bag Size - 50" x 10" x 7"
• Shipping Box Weight - 57 pounds
• Shipping Box Size - 53" x 13" x 9"


WARNING: Read Proposition 65 warning before purchasing.

Bownet is the official net of Kronum. For complete details about the game visit


Set Up Video