One Hand Trainer


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One Hand Trainer
One Hand Trainer
One Hand Trainer
One Hand Trainer
One-Handed Training Bats

The Bownet® Short Bat is the best one-hand training bat for players both young and old. With a shorter bat, players develop hand-eye coordination, swing accuracy, strength barrel control and posture - all of which are needed to consistently hit at an elite level. These one-hand training bats are 18 inches long with a regulation barrel so you're making the same kind of contact you do in a game. All bats are made of North American maple wood that delivers a satisfying crack.

Use a youth one-handed bat to Train Like a Pro during top-hand, bottom-hand and other single-hand hitting drills. It's also a great way to pound the stiffness out of a glove so it's ready for action. Buy them for the entire team or get a few for private workouts and off-season BP. The bats can be paired with either regulation baseballs and softballs or an assortment of training balls to create a unique system that improves your skill-set.

  • North American Maple Wood
  • Short bat with regulation barrel
  • Excellent training bat for one-handed hitting drills
  • Great for top hand or bottom hand drills
  • Also can be used as a glove pounder
  • 18 inches in length


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